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By Prime Termite

Kaisha Hwang – the so called “real estate agent” without license selling every house in one day but suing everyone right and left!

When we want to hire or do business with someone, the first thing we do is googling their name. Now before we start considering to service someone we should do it too. We strongly advise other businesses to act like that too. The info we put here will give more insight to google search who will google this person’s name. Our website has PR4, and content is highly regarded by search engines, not to mention that we have all the SEO and robots embedded in our coding. Just google Kaisha Hwang and see yourself.  We made her a “star”!  Everyone considers her review about our company funny, but entire world can know who she really is.

How can Kaisha Hwang have a wedding and nobody attending?

The reason is that we did elementary online search and found out that in the past she had filed tons of lawsuits almost all of which were dismissed. Kaisha Hwang is a troublemaker whom nobody should employ or do business with because she provokes people to sue them later as she tried with us. While her lawsuits get dismissed prior to them being dismissed, those whom she sues pay heavy legal fees. She should be banned for filing anymore lawsuits and terrorizing people in grounds of being merely a vexatious litigant . DO NOT HIRE HER, DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON! We did elementary online search in Los Angeles courthouse only and found 7 lawsuits filed by her recently almost all of which were dismissed.  She even sued her own uncle for “wrongful termination”, and this lawsuit was dismissed too. In almost 13 years of service we have never had such a case. Kaisha Hwang or Kay Hwang pretends to have disability and has changed her real estate company name three times in last couple of years not to mention that worked without a license when licensing is mandatory for real estate work. Here she lies that as if we defrauded her to extort money from us, in her business she tricked her clients, got some money then changed her company name, and she has been tricking government as if she is disabled to steal our and your tax dollars. She claimed online that sold a house in less than a day. The only way of doing it would be heavily under pricing it. So, her clients lost tons of money just for her to make a quick buck for herself.

Following links reveal more specific information about Kaisha Hwang or Kay Hwang.

Kaisha Hwang
4037 Monterey Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90032

Is there anyone who knows her or can give us some more hints about her? Come post your  feedback ! We would like to hear from you. We will not judge anyone. If you know anything about her – put her name and tell what do you know about her! Let entire world know more of this person’s misdoings in addition what we have found! We are confirming with our attorney that can post links of court documents, and if he says yes, we will. Meanwhile, we guarantee that everything here is not only truth but only 50% of the truth about her. In this link you can see that she went to a restaurant then turned around and sued them probably by claiming that got poisoned and lost a week of work, like as if she works.  What kind of pathetic judges are out there in small claims court who arbitrarily just award judgement is another topic. Customers or prospective customers have their say, let businesses spread info to each other and tell about potentially problematic people who are looking excuses to extort money from them. Some use law as a shield but some abuse law as a sward to attach others. Legal system is never perfect, and some very bad people know how to take advantage of it. Kaisha Hwang is one of them. People around her obviously know who she really is, otherwise she would have at least one guest on her wedding. People just shoo away from this type of person, and businesses should avoid her too. Here in this link  you can see that a business worked in her home, then she not only did not pay but also sued that business to cause loses. NO BUSINESS SHOULD PROVIDE ANY SERVICES TO KAISHA HWANG TO AVOID TROUBLE. Let her go to do her own termite, roofing, tile, kitchen cabinets, and room additions. Because any business who will try to service her will be in trouble by her. She will not pay, but will find a little excuse to sue you.

By Prime Termite

Arlene Dayoan – the self-proclaimed “dressing optional enthusiast” defaming businesses right and left

Look at her photo ! You can say she has nice legs and looks provocative, right? But this is a married woman who is almost 40 years old! She proudly placed this notorious photo on pinterest to probably excite Hollywood producers who you know what demand in return of giving her a role. Why would a producer give a role to a woman who does not want to do what he asks her to do when there are women lined up ready to lay under him just to get that role? And her husband is proud  of her! May be he can come here and explain it. Since his wife is being digitally bombarded from front and behind but he says nothing. Is this because he is already used of her being in that state being done by others? While they banned craigslist, backpage personnel  and other escort service sites is this how some started to “express themselves” now on pinterest and other photo and personal sharing sites? If Arlene Dayoan claims to be an entrepreneur, why she is laying down almost naked like a whore there? Parasites are parasites. They want just to bend over to get a role and make tons of money by doing pretty much nothing because stupid people pay for their worthless movies. Then they use other people tax dollars and finance their bankruptcies and foreclosures which is nothing than being a beggar. I mean folks let’s call things by their names. If you take a loan from someone and cannot pay after which you apply to the government to force that person not to get his own money given to you in good faith, then it is nothing else than begging and breaching your promise. So, Arlene and her husband are beggars and people without shred of honor as all information shows. Pathetic human beings whose life is worth nothing. If you are buying someone else’s home and bank gives you their money but then you apply to the government to force that organization not to get his money back it is not only dishonest but social parasitism, especially when you do that not once, not twice but SEVERAL TIMES!  Because of these parasitic and satanic people like Arlene Dayoan who no wonder are related with Hollywood all other hard-working and honest folks suffer. “Congratulations” to Arlene for being able to cast only one movie  since probably her ugly personality got the best of her and she is not fresh and attractive anymore for producers to use her the way they want. She is also trying to sell her book called mystery shopping or do not do anything but make money! Click this link –  her book. Doesn’t it smell scam?  To me it not only smells but screams scam! If someone is saying you don’t have to do anything to make good money and just by my book and I will show you how, it cannot not be a scam!  So, Arlene Dayoan is  troll and scammer. Only a real scammer can sell books with that title and apply for foreclosures so many times as documents below show. Yes, enough said!

Refer following background info about Arlene Dayoan which is also a public record obtained from whitepages can click here Arlene-Taan-Dayoan-Los angeles-CA-2018-04-11.pdf

and her husband Chris Clancy  or via following link Chris-J-Clancy-Pasadena-CA-2018-04-11.pdf

As you can see the property owners – wife and husband respectively Annabelle Dayoan aka Arlene Dayoan and Chris J Clancy

presently residing on 1108 Oneonta Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90065 have foreclosed multiple times on their properties. There are even foreclosures there over $5 million! And again, there are multiple properties foreclosed by them. When inspectors arrived they pulled out their file, and it showed problems with their file. As a result Arlene Dayoan was informed politely that we would not like to provide them our services. This is because if we do any work, including inspection it creates creates liability for our company.